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Business Overview

Traditionally, this division’s core activity has been the importation of steel products from Japan to Thailand.  With the country’s rapid industrialization, our role and activities have changed and grown accordingly.  At present, as a leader in steel trade, our Steel Division offers all steel and metal products from reputable and reliable producers around the world.  The major products we handle are categorized into 3 categories


1) Steel Sheet Products
2) Steel Plate, Pipe & Construction Materials
3) Raw Material and Semi Products


Steel Sheet Products

We’re currently handling 3 types of business transactions covering steel sheet products as below,
- Hot rolled steel sheet and plate
- Cold rolled steel sheet
- Plain and Prepainted Galvanized iron steel sheet
- Electro galvanized steel sheet
- Tin Plate, Tin Free Steel
- Stainless Steel Plate & Sheet
- Alloy Steel Sheet

For domestic business, our activities are not merely trading to provide steel materials to major industries, i.e. automotive industry, home and electrical appliances industry, canning industries, and construction industries. Mitsui also involves in the establishment of Joint Venture Companies and Business Alliances in various business sectors. We offer sophisticated services such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Financing to our strategic business partners. Our ultimate goal is to establish long-term relationship through business functions and investments.

For export business, we work hand-in-hand with reputable suppliers such as Siam United Steel / G-Steel / Nakorn Thai Steel and Sahaviriya Steel Industries to provide unparallel products and services. Our customer’s base includes OEM manufactures, Re-rolling steel mills, steel service centers and industrial product manufacturers in China, South East Asia, India and Middle East. We enhance customer value by many means, for example,

- to organize quality inspection on behalf of customers.
- to perform logistics activities and necessary documentation from suppliers to customers to smooth product flow on timely manner.
- to offer financing in terms of trade credit to minimize cost of capitals for our customers.
- to resolve relevant technical issues promptly including facilitating return handling.
- to provide before-and-after sales assistance with dedicated team of international trade specialists.
- to provide customize service base on customers’ requirement.

For import and indent business, as one of the largest trading firm the world, we have very long and deep relationship with major Japanese steel manufacturers, especially Nippon Steel Corporation then our customers can enjoy very competitive price and uninterrupted supply. We also provide alternative sources of material from our strategic partners. Our area of expertise also includes inventory management, just-in-time operations and facilitation of import license (TISI procedures).


Steel Plate, Pipe & Construction Materials

We handle materials from both domestic and overseas reputable and reliable producers.
The main items we handle are
- Plate (Carbon / Stainless Steel / Clad)                                      
- Tubular (Line Pipe / Tube / OCTG)
- Shape (H-Beam / I-Beam / Angle / Channel / Sheet Pile)
- Steel Bar
- Rail

For Plate, Pipe & Construction Materials, we have gone beyond just providing distribution services and are offering higher-value-added services.  We offer tailor-made services such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Project Material Management, and Financing to our customers.  Our aim is to be one-stop-shop and solution provider to our customers.

One of the good examples is the New Bangkok International Airport Project (Suvarnabhumi Airport). By utilizing our global network, we supplied more than 80,000 tons of materials from more than 10 difference suppliers, including Thai Local Suppliers, and managed all logistics with an aim to be One Stop Shop for our customer.

We also involved deeply in the Oil & Gas industry. In fact, we have supplied Structural Steel, Line Pipe and OCTG to many major projects. With our long experience and know-how, we can also provide Supply Chain Management and Stock Yard Management to our customers as standard services.


Raw Material and Semi Products

We are more than an import shop of scrap, pig iron etc. but we would diversify our value added functions as an operational fertile center to serve daily needs of melting steel plants like a convenience store.

For non-ferrous raw material, with the liquidation of our former Metal Div. and the company's policy, we've stepped out from all major non-ferrous business, except for the 'Zinc' metal. Therefore, our main activity would be focusing only on zinc metal ingot which is produced by Padaeng Ind. PCL., the sole Electrolytic Zinc Smelter in this region. Padaeng Ind. PCL has an annual production capacity of approx. 110,000 mt on Special High Grade (SHG) Zinc metals for supplies to G.I. Sheets, Pipes and general Galvanizers etc. and Zinc Alloys (ZA) to Die-casting manufacturers. We (Mitsiam) are ranking on the top 20 of Padaeng's shareholder-list.

For more information, please visit Padaeng at its website at

Joint Venture Companies

Mitsui’s activities in Thailand have been recognized since the mid of 20th century, when we diversified our business from importation to joint-venture establishment with metal-related products.

For the list of joint venture companies, please refer to “Affiliate” section. 

For further inquiry or information, please feel free to contact us at:

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